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Bock Yuan Fannee

Email Fiona McArdle

Tel: +44 7624 454120

  • 26 members including live musicians
  • Offers workshops and ceilis (called dancing)

Bock Yuan Fannee literally mean ‘Juan’s Flayed Horse’, ie ‘Shanks’ Pony’. Formed in 1975 as a men’s group performing Manx sword and stick dances, Bock Yuan Fannee soon became a permanent mixed group which aimed to recreate the dances collected by Mona Douglas. Today Bock Yuan Fannee has around 26 members including six children who continue to keep the traditional dances alive in the style that Douglas initiated. Bock Yuan Fannee is based in the North of the Island and the group’s programme of events reflects this. Members also travel off-Island, most recently to Norway and Liverpool as a combined group with the Manx Folk Dance Society.

Representation at festivals

2007 combined trip to Stavanger, Norway with MFDS