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Prash - Manx music for brass

Prash is a series of books designed for use by the Isle of Man music service's young brass students. The books can also be purchased directly from Culture Vannin. 

Two student books (treble clef and bass clef) and four piano accompaniment books (in keys Bb, Eb, F and bass clef) have been published, each containing 34 solo pieces, some with optional duet parts, graded from beginner to Grade 4/5 level. The traditional melodies and songs were specially selected by Paul Hamilton (Head of Brass) for use in the Isle of Man Music Service graded exams and for other solo performances where own choice graded repertoire is required, such as the annual Manx Music Festival.


Prash treble clef student book (A5) £5.00 - suitable for all treble clef instruments (Bb, Eb and F) when performed with corresponding piano accompaniment

Prash bass clef student book (A5) £5.00 - concert pitch


Prash Bb piano accompaniment book (A4) £10

Prash Eb piano accompaniment book (A4) £10

Prash F piano accompaniment book (A4) £10

Prash bass clef piano accompaniment book (A4) £10

As well as being an introduction to popular Manx melodies such as “Eunyssagh Vona”, “Arrane Ghelby” and the “National Anthem”, the student book is illustrated with background notes to the music and interesting facts about local history and folklore. The musical arrangements will be enjoyed by brass players young and old, and a limited number of the books are available to purchase directly from Culture Vannin. For more details on purchasing click here

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