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Coraa Manx Songs for Choirs

A new educational book and accompanying CD produced for the Island's secondary school choirs but also suitable for adult choirs. The ten Manx songs represent a range of musical genres in both Gaelic and English languages, arranged for various choral settings. The songs are demonstrated (with spoken pronunciation where necessary) by Manx choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh on the accompanying CD, and each song also has an information page with vocal warm-ups, performance guidance and background information. Contents: Manx National Anthem (in Manx and English); Ellan Vannin in Manx and English languages); Geay Jeh'n Aer (Manx), Invocation to St. Bridget (Manx); Reamyn yn Yrjey Vooar (Manx); The Mother's Carol (English); Yee Reillys Niau (Manx, Latin and English); S'feayr yn Oie (Manx), Yn Aavioghey (Manx) and Graih my Chree by Scaanjoon (English). Composers and arrangers include Annie Kissack, Greg Joughin, Nigel Brown, Frank Woolley and George Leah. Book compiled by Chloe Woolley Coraa has a colour card cover with acetate overlay and is spiral bound for ease of use. Listen to tracks here: http://www.manxmusic.com/learn_page_187299.html and http://www.manxmusic.com/learn_page_187306.html Buy: enquiries@culturevannin.im

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