manx celtic music and dance

What do you get when you mix together three of the Isle of Man's most well respected trad musicians with one of Scotland's fresh up and coming talents?

Mec Lir - bringing foot stomping beats to some of your favourite trad tunes.


• A freshly picked Tomas Callister (Barrule) on fiddle

• The zest of Adam Rhodes (Mabon, Barrule, King Chiaullee) on bouzouki

• A dash of David Kilgallon (Chronicles, King Chiaullee) on keys

• A generous squeeze of Greg Barry (The Elephant Sessions) on percussion

Blend these tasty ingredients together to create a magical cocktail of traditional Celtic music.

Mec Lir will make you move, lhiem mygeayrt!

The Grackle on YouTube

Find their debut CD on iTunes