manx celtic music and dance

Cliogaree Twoaie is a popular mixed choir singing an extended repertoire of traditional and modern Manx songs and performing under the leadership of Clare Kilgallon.

The choir was founded in 1984 when some members of Bock Yuan Fannee dance group decided that it would be a good idea to branch out to perform some traditional Manx Gaelic songs. Specialising in Manx carvals (carols), the group numbers around 25. Cliogaree Twoaie has performed widely on the Island and featured at the International Pan-Celtic Festival in Ireland and the Lowender Peran festival in Cornwall.


2006 Nollick Ghennal [CD still available in some shops]

2004 Drogh Vraane – and a few good men


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  • Cliogaree Twoaie - C'raad ta'n Ree?

    C’raad ta’n ree? (Where is the King?)
    This popular song tells the story of the sea god, Manannan, who was the legendary first ruler of the Isle of Man. The song tells that he has come from the heavens and across the sea, and that he sits in his castle on the top of a mountain, South Barrule, beneath the mist.

  • Cliogaree Twoaie - Mylecharaine

    Thought of as one of the oldest and most powerful songs in the Manx repertoire, Mylecharaine is the name of a miserly father who was the first man to give his daughter a dowry, albeit not a generous one. The song curses him for this legacy!