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125 years of Manx National Songs & Manx Ballads and Music

Thu, 23 Sep 2021

Manx National Songs & Manx Ballads and Music – 125th anniversary

2021 marks the 125th anniversary of two very important publications that still have influence today in Manx music and dance; WH Gill’s Manx National Music and AW Moore’s Manx Ballads and Music. This year they’ll be celebrated at the Cooish Manx language festival when the Yn Cruinnaght Ashoonagh Vanninagh will theme their evening of competitions around the two books and the Big Bree Workshop Weekend, where the youngsters will learn some of the songs, tunes and historical stories from Manx National Songs (1896).

Manx National Songbook (Combined Vols I & II) or partially online

Manx Ballads and Music: online

The Manx National Songbook volume II which is now part of the Combined Volumes was edited by Charles Guard and published in 1979.

To get a flavour of the background behind the 1896 publication of Manx National Songs, here is a scripted concert devised by Charles Guard in 2004 for Yn Chruinnaght.

Biographies on the collectors: WH Gill, JF Gill, Dr J Clague and AW Moore.

A filmed lecture on the collecting of WH and JF Gill by Stephen Miller