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Duo are set for Ireland - Arrane son Mannin winners!

14 Mar 2024

Singer Sarah Mercer and harpist Mera Royle will represent the Isle of Man at the Pan-Celtic Festival in Carlow, Ireland, in April. They will compete in the international song competition after winning the contest at Peel Masonic Hall to find a new Song for Mann, Arrane son Mannin.

Sarah and Mera [pictured on right >] performed Paper Boats (Baatyn Pabyr), composed by Sarah’s partner Matthew Warren and translated into Manx by Bob Carswell.

Matthew told Island Life: ‘We are all so excited to be playing in Carlow. ‘I went along to Arrane son Mannin as a first-time entrant with the idea that we’d just have a great evening sharing the song with everyone.

‘Seeing the other performances blew me away - to bring together such a variety of fabulous musicians to sing in Manx is a truly remarkable thing.

‘In the company of such brilliant other performances, I think we all felt genuine disbelief when we were announced as the winners.’

The duo was one of six entries into the competition.

Sue Harrison’s song Jenny Rosemary McFee won the competition for a new song in traditional style.

The song was performed by Sue and her son Jamys. They were awarded £100, sponsored by Fiona McArdle.

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