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History - Shennaghys

These pages sketch the history of some of the different types of Manx music and dance. You’ll find more
detailed references on the Database pages. Click on the links below to find summaries, archive images and names of the main authors who can tell you more.

External Lecturer in the Department of German at Vienna University, Stephen Miller, has developed a series of Manx Notes relating to Manx music, dance, folklore and folkways. They can be found outwith the site here.

There are also interesting articles referring to Manx music and dance in Syd Boulton's "Peeps into the Past" which have been transcribed here.

Manx Traditional Music - Kiaull Tradishoonagh Vannin

Manx traditional music has been collected from the late 19th century to the present day... click for more..

Manx Traditional Dance - Daunsey Tradishoonagh Vannin

Manx traditional dance relies on sources collected and developed by Mona Douglas and Philip Leighton Stowell... click for more..

Manx Church Music - Kiaull Killagh Vannin

Manx carvals, hymns and West Gallery music... click for more..

Manx Tourist Music - Kiaull Turryssid Vannin

The Isle of Man developed as a destination for mass tourism in the last quarter of the 19th century. The resulting history of music for dancing and entertainment is rich and varied. click for more..

Manx National & Classical Music - Kiaull Ashoonagh as Classicagh Vannin

Composers continue to draw on Manx traditional music and take their inspiration from the Manx land- and sea-scapes... click for more..


click for more..