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DESC Manx Folk Awards

Sadly, the 2020 Manx Folk Awards will be cancelled.
DESC is currently following the best advice from Public Health England on how to protect people, and although there are no immediate plans to cancel large events, we have to take the well being of everyone involved into consideration.
We rely heavily on older volunteers for stewarding and adjudicating, as do some of you for school dance and music teachers, plus the use of parent/grand parent helpers for travel to and from the awards.
Many of these volunteers are already in the ‘at risk’ category and quite rightly don’t wish to put themselves at further risk should circumstances and advice change over the next two weeks. 
Without these volunteers we cannot run the Folk Awards safely, but equally the advice is changing so rapidly we feel happier making the decision to cancel the Folk Awards now, rather than at the very last minute.
If you have already booked and paid for your transport DESC will reimburse this as planned. So please email invoices to Joanne Gibson at DESC (copied in) as normal.
As everyone has practiced so hard, it would be great if you did your own mini Folk Awards and asked all your school’s performers to play for the others at your school? 
Or maybe do a Manx Folk Awards assembly? It would also be lovely to have videos or photographs emailed to us from any of you who did decide to do that!
If the July Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering Festival 2020 runs, we will invite any schools who wish to perform their Manx Folk Awards pieces to do so, for each other, in a none competitive format at the Centenary Centre in Peel.   
There will be more information about this nearer the time.
In the meantime look out for a delivery of MFA 2020 badges which will be heading to your schools in the next couple of weeks! All those who had entered can wear their badge with pride in recognition of all their practice!
Thank you for all your hard work as always -
And hopefully see some of you in Yn Chruinnaght week.
Jo and Chloe

Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin ~ DESC Manx Folk Awards

29 March - 2 April 2020

Organised by DESC & Culture Vannin the Manx Folk Awards are always held the last week before the Easter holidays at the Douglas Youth Arts Centre and Trinity Church. This is so you can enter The Guild with some of the same entries which should make your life easier! And also because at the end of that week the Shennaghys Jiu festival is held. Shennaghys Jiu is a non competitive youth festival and is held the first weekend of the Easter holidays, 3rd - 6th April 2020. ‚ÄčThe Manx Folk Awards are very informal competitions and we are always looking to encourage schools to take part for the first time.

We are able to come in and help out teaching simple dance steps, tunes and help with Manx pronunciation. So there is no excuse not to get involved! It's all about the FUN!



Since the Manx Folk Awards began 9 years ago, we have been tweaking and changing the syllabus to keep everything new and fresh!  We are always happy to have suggestions from you as to what we could add, change or even take away!

This year we have several changes... 

The exceptionally popular duologue class - which was new in 2019 - is now own choice for the Manx Gaelic class for the Thursday competitions. Costumes and props to be encouraged!
Continuing the comedy theme, there is also a Manx Music Hall class new for 2020. This is for any Music hall performance in any format - small group, trio, soloist and backing singers etc and we also encourage costumes and props here too!

We have a new 'Gitar' class (Manx for Guitar) which is possible due to the excellent new resources created by James Franklin, Pete Lumb and Culture Vannin.

As usual we have a theme for the competitions and this year it is ‘Manx Mythical Creatures’. 

There are some other changes to the Claasagh and instrumental solo classes so timings can stay on track and once again we will also have a strong focus on being as plastic free as possible.

DOWNLOAD 2020 Set pieces

Sunday 29 March 2020 - Secondary All Competitions (Douglas Youth Arts Centre)

Monday 30th March 2020 - Keystage 1 All Competitions (Douglas Youth Arts Centre & Rosemount Trinity Church)
Tuesday 31st March 2020 - Keystage 2 Dance and Song Competions (Douglas Youth Arts Centre & Rosemount Trinity Church)
Wednesday 1st April 2020 - Keystage 2 Instrumental Competitions (Douglas Youth Arts Centre & Rosemount Trinity Church)
Thursday 2nd April 2020 - Keystage 1 & 2 Aaloayrtys - Manx Gaelic & English readings, poetry and recitation (St Johns Methodist Hall)

The Manx Folk Awards are single use plastic free!

* Reusable water bottles can be refilled at all our venues and we encourage schools bringing packed lunches to be as plastic free as possible.
We will have recycle bins for any plastic bottles brought by the children.
Adjudicators will be provided with jugs of water and glasses and the legendary Manx Folk Awards re-useable mugs!