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Faillt erriu gys where you’ll find everything you need to know about the music and dance of the Isle of Man. Whether you’re a musician, singer or dancer, or someone just interested in Celtic and world music, this site will keep you up to date with events listings, details of performers and their recordings, as well as news items from the Isle of Man and further afield. You can learn tunes and songs, too.

With its location at the heart of the Isles, the Isle of Man is lucky enough to have cultural influences from all around it and claims both Norse and Celtic roots. Today there is an exciting array of traditional and contemporary interpretations of Manx material – costumed dance groups line up alongside traditional and electro-acoustic bands, and unaccompanied Gaelic choirs rub shoulders with skilled instrumentalists. also brings together information about the history of a wide range of genres within Manx music – including church, concert, music hall, West Gallery and traditional music – as well as details of the development of Manx dance. This rich music heritage is displayed within the Manx Music Database which catalogues all known pieces of Manx music and writings about it as well as free downloads of sheet music and sound files. is a Culture Vannin website.

Manx Music Development Officer: Dr Chloë Woolley

Oaseir-lhiasee Kiaull Vannin

The MMDO works to promote Manx music and dance within the Island and beyond, developing resources and products, supporting festivals, organising events and maintaining the Manx Music Database and this website.

The MMDO also works to promote Manx music within the Island's schools by providing information and creating resources. She works with classroom teachers, peripatetic instrumental teachers, extra-curricular groups, the Youth Service and the general public to encourage a greater awareness of Manx music and culture within the Island and beyond. She leads workshops in schools as well as the extracurricular Bree youth movement.

She writes and edits the monthly newsletter Kiaull Manninagh Jiu and press releases throughout the year.

Culture Vannin Manx Music Strategy 

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