manx celtic music and dance

Rosie and Andys Mad Tune & Peter O Tavy

Tue, 05 Feb 2019

Two Manx tunes performed by the Lawrence sisters, Katie (piano) and Kirsty (low whistle and voice).

'Rosie and Andy’s Mad Tune' is a tune composed by Katie Lawrence [see music here]. 'Peter O’Tavy' is a traditional Manx song connected to a dance said to have been performed in order to demonstrate that the dancer is or is not drunk, as the words suggest:

"The man is not drunk, nor half drunk
Nor quarter drunk, because he can dance.
The man is not drunk, at all, at all,
For he can dance Peter O'Tavy."

This recording was made live at Culture Vannin in St. John's in January 2019.


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