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Monas Isle - The Legacy of Mona Douglas

Mona’s Isle: The Legacy of Mona Douglas - a new CD and DVD gift pack of new songs featuring original and traditional Manx music in celebration of cultural revivalist Mona Douglas.

The CD features 11 tracks and the DVD is divided into 8 sections from a live concert held in the Centenary Centre in 2012. Musicians are Aalin Clague, Alanna Cowley, Annie Kissack, Bob Carswell, Breesha Maddrell, Bruno Cavellec, Chloe Woolley, Clare Kilgallon, Dave Kilgallon, Dave Mclean, Greg Joughin and Mandy Griffin. £12.99 in local shops and direct from Culture Vannin.


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LISTEN to one of the tracks; "Snaih".

Mona Douglas is one of the most important people who worked to promote Manx culture in the 20th century. 

A collector of folklore, music, song and dance, she also wrote and published poetry, plays, novels and 

factual articles all about the Isle of Man. She published at least 18 books and many more articles in journals 

and newspapers.

Douglas was a performer of song and dance, a teacher and youth leader. Working with others, she developed 

organisations and festivals such as Aeglagh Vannin (Youth of Man), Ellynyn ny Gael (Arts of the Gael) and 

Yn Chruinnaght Inter-Celtic Festival. Find out more about MONA DOUGLAS