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Arraneyn - Manx songs from Brian Stowell

This CD entitled Arraneyn (which simply means songs features the Island's most well-known and respected speaker of Manx Gaelic, Brian Stowell. Originally recorded in Peel in 1973, this collection of unaccompanied Manx ballads and songs was first released on vinyl as Arraneyn Beeal-arrish Vannin and represents some of the earliest recordings of traditional Manx songs. With such recordings of the Manx tradition in short supply, this new CD provides a window on the early stages of the Manx music revival. The songs are performed in a straightforward style, and the clarity and energy of the unaccompanied singing means that the CD is perfect for singers who want to learn Manx songs. Arraneyn contains some of the finest Manx ballads - songs of love, songs of the sea and popular ballads like 'Ny kirree fo niaghtey' ('The sheep under the snow') as well as lighter songs about dead hens and witches in corsets! In fact, the original Manx versions of many well-known songs from the Manx National Song Book are here - including 'Graih my Chree' ('Love of my Heart') and 'Arrane Oie Vie' ('The Goodnight Song'). Full lyrics, translations and the extensive notes which accompanied the original recording are included on the disc as a PDF file. This CD re-issue will prove intriguing to those who already know and love Manx music and to those who have yet to discover it. Sleevenotes: http://manxmusic.com/media/Publications/Revised%20Arraneyn%20Beeal-Arrish%20Vannin%20PDF%20for%20CD%20(1).pdf