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"Shoh Slaynt!"  have a Youtube channel called My Island Folk Music

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"Shoh Slaynt!" are a folk, folk rock and contemporary band. "Shoh Slaynt!" is Manx for "Cheers" or "Here's health". 

The band comprises Sue Harrison who sings lead and harmony, plays guitar and accordian. Paul Reynolds plays guitar and sings lead  vocals and harmony, and Ken Crellin who plays various harmonicas and an Anglo concertina.

They have a large repertoire of songs and tunes , and can vary their set lists to suit many types of gig, or concert. Although Sue works, Paul and Ken are both retired, and they all love to pursue music as a hobby and passion. 

Sue loves to sing Irish ballads, country songs and lots of contemporary songs.

Paul has had many influences down the years, including James Taylor, Neil Young, Van Morrison and many other singer songwriters. Add to that the influences of Manx, Irish and British folk songs, and there is even an ancient rocker trying to get out!

Ken is a tunesmith who can play reels, airs and jigs galore. He also loves playing the blues, and accompanies songs, adding so much to each one.

Recently, Paul and Ken have begun hosting a regular monthly music night at The Crosby Pub, and hosted Open Mic Nights, Paddy's Nights and likewise Folk, Rock and Pop Nights. They are playing again  in the Villa Marina Arcade for the Manx Music Season in 2013.