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Mactullagh Vannin has been described as the seminal Manx band. Indeed, they were one of the first bands to release a recording – in those days in cassette form – of Manx traditional music. That was 1986 and they have been together in various line-ups ever since. After twenty years they finally decided to move into the world of CDs, re-releasing their original self-titled album with some new tracks as Twisted Roots. Mactullagh Vannin looks to the roots of the Manx tradition, bending and twisting them in such a way as to produce dynamic and exciting arrangements which have rightly transformed Manx music.


David Collister - fiddle

John Corlett - bodhrán

Cinzia Yates/Peddyr Cubberley - whistles

Mai-Ying Ellis - tenor banjo/mandola/mandolins

Sue-Ling Jaques – guitar


2004 Twisted Roots
1986 Mactullagh Vannin

Representation at festivals:

2012 Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Brittany (as musicians for Ny Fennee dancers)


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  • Mactullagh Vannin - Cinz's Tunes

    This set is made up of three tunes by whistle player, Cinzia Curtis: Lhiam Lhiat (For me, for you)/ Blaaghyn my Henn Voir (My Grandmother’s Flowers)/Cas Cam (Crooked Foot).

  • Mactullagh Vannin - Trevor

    Nicknamed ‘Trevor’, this epic set is based on a carval tune ‘Tra va ruggit Creest’ – ‘When Christ was Born’. Taken through its paces by fiddler David Collister, it is an inventive re-working of a traditional tune.


Twisted Roots album