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Wed, 02 Nov 2022

Welcome to a slightly early November 2022 issue of KMJ - there's still time to tell you about Hop tu naa events coming up this weekend! As well as celebrating the Celtic New Year here in the Isle of Man, the next month has lots to look forward to - there's the Cooish Manx language festival with plenty of musical activity, a re-run of Ayres & Braces in Bride, and lots of Manx Christmas gigs on the horizon. Last month was full to the brim too, and in this KMJ you can read about the wonderful 'inter-Celtic' time children had at the Big Bree Workshop Weekend, plus the hours and hours of folk music played at the sessions during the IOM Trad Music Weekend.  You also can learn a new Hop tu naa song plus a Breton version of our very own Car ny Rankee! Read all about it here: KMJ November 2022.pdf (manxmusic.com)