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Mon, 18 Jan 2021

Closing date 4pm Monday 22nd February 2021
The Roz Kelly Music Bursary is awarded annually to enable two young musicians to separately attend the Music Summer School of their choice anywhere in the UK.  On line programmes will be considered.
Eligible applicants are:
  • Aged 16 – 21
  • Resident in the Isle of Man
  • Able to demonstrate their musical promise and enthusiasm through a written
  • Able to provide a written recommendation from a teacher, musical mentor or
Each award is up to a maximum of £1000 and it can only be used to fund travel to and participation costs of a UK based residential music summer school of the applicants’ choice.  
How to apply
Your letter of application should be no longer than 1 side of A4 (typed) and should include the following details:
  • Your full name and address and date of birth
  • A contact email address and telephone number
  • Details of your musical interests and achievements to date
  • The title and venue of the summer school you wish to attend 
  • What benefits you hope to gain from participating in the summer school
  • A short written recommendation from your teacher or musical mentor
  • If the applicant is under 18 years old on the closing date you must also enclose a short, signed and dated letter from your parent/carer to confirm support of the application. 
Please note that an incomplete application may not be considered by the panel.
Please send your completed application by email or post to:
Roz Kelly Bursary Applications 
Applications must arrive no later than 4pm, Monday 22nd February 2021. 
A small panel consisting of the principal officers of the FMYO and DESC Music Service staff will meet shortly after the closing date and all applicants will be informed whether or not they have been successful within two weeks of the closing date. 
Roz Kelly Music Bursaries are managed by the Friends of the Manx Youth Orchestra. Successful applicants will need to provide copies of receipts for course fees and travel costs in order to receive the funding. 
It is the responsibility of the successful applicants (or, if under 18, their parent/carer) to make their own travel arrangements and to book their place on the summer school of their choice. The suitability of the applicant’s choice as a bonafide music summer school will be checked by the panel before considering any awards. 
Applicants need to be aware that there will be a press release to announce the award winners and that representatives of local media organisations may wish to contact them for further details. Award winners may reserve the right to remain anonymous. 
Following the summer school bursary recipients will need to provide a written report about their experiences, learning and benefits gained, to the FMYO within two months of the course end. This report may be used to advertise subsequent years’ bursaries. 
Your summer school
The summer school you choose should give you the opportunity to pursue your personal musical interests. It can focus on any genre or style of music, from serious classical music to rock or pop, folk music or musical theatre. It could be an instrument making summer school or music technology or composition based. The choice is yours!
Please check, though, that the organisation running the course is genuine and able to provide you with suitable accommodation and tuition. If you are under 18 years of age please do check that it is a course suitable for younger people. You may wish to take a parent/carer with you and will need to factor that cost into your plans. 


A starting place for your research could be here: https://www.summer-schools.info/music/ but there are many providers of high quality courses so do look around.
If you need any advice about available courses please contact the most appropriate contact from: -
  • DESC Music Centre on 686558 or email MusicServiceEnquiries@sch.im (primarily current or recent Manx Youth Orchestra members or Music Service learners)
  • Friends of Manx Youth Orchestra (young people no longer at school, including brass and wind bands, musical theatre, guitar, voice, piano)
  • School/College music staff (school/college students)
Rosalind Dawn Kelly (17 October 1970 – 16 July 2015)
Roz was born in the Jane Crookall Maternity home in Douglas as dawn broke on 17 October 1970 – and that’s how she got her middle name. She first started to learn the violin while a pupil at Braddan School. She also enjoyed singing and playing the piano and often participated in the Guild. She joined the Manx Youth Orchestra in 1981 and took part in various tours. Roz continued to enjoy music making as a student at Liverpool University where she studied physics and gained a PhD. She sang with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir and the Liverpool Chamber Choir. After she saw what fun the brass section of the orchestra had she also took up the French Horn. Later, when Roz was too ill to play or sing, music continued to give her great pleasure and she enjoyed going to the Phil when she could. Roz was keen that others would have the opportunity to participate in music as she had and wanted to be able to further that through her generous and thoughtful bequest.