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New String Quartet

Violin teacher and composer Roy L Baker has produced a fantastic new suite for string quartet based on Manx traditional melodies. Commissioned by the Manx Heritage Foundation, the suite consists of a chorale-style Smuggler’s Lullaby, a lively Mylecharaine’s March and a set of variations on The Sea Invocation. The movements can be performed either separately as individual pieces or together as a suite. The arrangements are designed to be suitable for secondary school string quartets or ensembles, and so the instrumental parts range from around grade 1 - 5 level.

An optional double bass part which doubles the cello is also given.

The whole suite now available to download for free is royalty free for non-commercial live performances.

Separate PDFs of parts for each movement:

Smuggler's Lullaby

Mylecharaine's March

Sea Invocation