manx celtic music and dance

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Arrane Ashoonagh dy Vannin
By William H Gill
1. O Halloo nyn ghooie,
O chliegeen ny s'bwaaie
Ry gheddyn er ooir aalin Yee;
Ta dt' Ardstoyll Reill-Thie
Myr Barrool er ny hoie
Dy reayll shin ayns seyrsnys as shee.
8. Lhig dooin boggoil bee,
Lesh annym as cree,
As croghey er gialdyn yn Chiarn;
Dy vodmayd dagh oor,
Treishteil er e phooar,
Dagh olk ass nyn h'anmeenyn 'hayrn.
Find out more about the National Anthem and learn it in English. Recording by Caarjyn Cooidjagh for Culture Vannin's choral pack Coraa.