manx celtic music and dance

On Tynwald Day (5 July) some of the Isle of Man's dance groups gather on the front fairfield to perform a medley of Manx dances together. 

The GRAND MANX DANCE often consists of the following dances. Watch a variety of performances or follow the dance instruction videos: 

Hop tu naa dance lesson with Grainne Joughin

Hop tu naa performed by Perree Bane and Skeddan Jiarg on Tynwald Day

Mheillea at the Big Bree Workshop Weekend

Gorse Sticks performed by John Kilgallon in the Gaiety Theatre 

Eunyssagh Vona dance lesson with Grainne Joughin

Cur Shaghey yn Geurey (AKA Step Dance or Bendy Bendy!) dance lesson with Grainne Joughin

Dance for Three (tune: Three Little Boats) dance lesson with Grainne Joughin, featuring Kimberley Quine & Chloe Woolley

Flitter Dance dance lesson with Grainne Joughin

Shooyl Ineenyn performed by Skeddan Jiarg

Billey Keirn (tune: Gathering in the Barley) performed by Skeddan Jiarg

Hunt the Wren a video about the tradition filmed in Port St Mary

Watch the Grand Manx Dance 2017

Watch a time-lapse video of the Grand Manx Dance 2019

DOWNLOAD the sheet music